Enabling Self-management
and Coping with Arthritic Pain
using Exercise


In order to deliver the ESCAPE-pain classes, professionals are required to attend the ESCAPE-pain training course. 

The flexibility of ESCAPE-pain means it can be delivered in a variety of locations and by a variety of health professionals. ESCAPE-pain has been successfully delivered in outpatient physiotherapy departments, leisure centres and local community settings by physiotherapists and exercise professionals.

We have developed two training packages - a one-day course for clinicians and a two-day course for fitness instructors.

After completing a training course, facilitators will receive the following class materials:

  • Training Manual (for facilitators)
  • Participant booklet (participant handout)
  • Exercise sheets (participant handout)
  • PowerPoint slides: to deliver the education component
  • Marketing templates.
Email us at hello@escape-pain.org for our Implementation Toolkit or find out more about implementing ESCAPE-pain in your organisation. If you've registered on this website, you will receive email notifications of upcoming training courses. 





Clinicians' training


This one-day training course covers:

  • The theoretical foundations and evidence-base for ESCAPE-pain (including its clinical and cost effectiveness)
  • The practical skills required to support behaviour change in people to self-manage their OA through developing enhanced motivational interviewing, goal setting, helping people develop action and coping plans, and group facilitation techniques
  • How to set-up and deliver ESCAPE-pain (including optimising referrals, uptake and retention and how to run each session of the programme)
  • Guidance on how to develop and adapt ESCAPE-pain to work within different settings


Basic clinical knowledge of osteoarthritis and its management are required, including familiarity with delivering education and exercise to patients. Along with at least 2 years post graduate experience.

Upcoming clinicians' training courses







Fitness instructors' training


This two-day training course covers:

  • Overview of MSK, physical activity and osteoarthritis
  • National Policy and overview of ESCAPE-pain, including ESCAPE-pain in the community
  • Understanding the psychology of pain
  • Principles of self-management, motivational interviewing, health behaviour change and group facilitation
  • Group exercise management
  • Healthy eating guidance
  • Methods of managing pain
  • Sustaining physical activity and other health behaviours.

We currently deliver training for fitness instructors in partnership with leisure sector providers. Please email us at hello@escape-pain.org for more information.