Enabling Self-management
and Coping with Arthritic Pain
using Exercise

What makes it different?


ESCAPE-pain is based on established theoretical principles and a robust evidence base.

There is a large body of evidence showing that patient education and self-management can effectively reduce pain and improve function; this is also true for exercise. In developing ESCAPE-pain, we integrated these components to give people information so that they understand their condition better (i.e. why they are experiencing symptoms) and simple strategies that help them cope with and control pain.

Importantly, we also encourage people to work hard in a supportive and encouraging environment, developing a collaborative partnership between the supervisor and participant. In a controlled way they come to appreciate that relatively simple exercise is not going to hurt or harm them.

What sets ESCAPE-pain apart from other programmes is that it may be more structured and contain more sessions. In order for the programme to fit with ESCAPE-pain’s parameters, it must:

  • be delivered at least twice a week, over at least 5 weeks
  • have an interactive education component covering all the themes in the programme, and;
  • involve participatory exercise regimen (not simply advice to exercise).