Enabling Self-management
and Coping with Arthritic Pain
using Exercise


Participant Interviews

Participant feedback

"It has given me the confidence to exercise more than I thought possible at my age and due to the fact that I have osteoarthritis."

"I know my knees are stronger because of the work on my muscles and I intend to carry on with the exercises and gym work so that my muscles will not atrophy again."

“The class was targeted for all levels, which was good”.

"Most beneficial was the information booklet with the ‘non-exercise’ subjects, which wouldn’t normally be covered with a GP."

"I have benefitted 100% from the class. My right knee is much improved and I have a training programme to help me with the rest of my life.”



"I find the ESCAPE-pain programme really useful. There has been really good feedback and [my patients have] found things a lot easier in their lifestyle, their pain improved…"