Enabling Self-management and Coping
with Arthritic Pain using Exercise

ESCAPE-pain facilitator training (for knees and hips)


Due to covid-19 & social distancing measures, scheduled face-to-face training courses have been suspended and virtual training courses are being offered during this time. 


The virtual training enables facilitators to deliver face-to-face ESCAPE-pain classes when social distancing measures have been lifted. The training does not enable facilitators to deliver virtual classes. Some sites are trialling virtual approaches to deliver the programme to participants while social distancing measures are in place. These are temporary measures being delivered by established sites, while the face-to-face programme cannot be safely delivered, or until the approach has been evaluated as appropriate for longer term use by the ESCAPE-pain team. Please contact escape-pain@oruk.org with any questions.



About the training course

In order to deliver ESCAPE-pain for knees/hips, professionals are required to attend the ESCAPE-pain facilitator training course. The training is open to clinicians and exercise instructors who meet the pre-qualification criteria

The full day training course covers:

  • The theoretical foundations and evidence-base for ESCAPE-pain (including its clinical and cost effectiveness)
  • The practical skills required to support behaviour change in people to self-manage their OA through developing enhanced motivational interviewing, goal setting, helping people develop action and coping plans, and group facilitation techniques
  • How to set-up and deliver ESCAPE-pain (including optimising referrals, uptake and retention and how to run each session of the programme)
  • Guidance on how to develop and adapt ESCAPE-pain to work within different settings
  • National Policy and overview of ESCAPE-pain, including ESCAPE-pain in the community
  • Overview of MSK, physical activity and osteoarthritis
  • Understanding the psychology of pain
  • Principles of self-management, motivational interviewing, health behaviour change and group facilitation
  • Group exercise management
  • Healthy eating guidance
  • Methods of managing pain
  • Sustaining physical activity and other health behaviours.


After completing the training course, facilitators will receive the following resources and support:

  • Training Manual (for facilitators)
  • Participant booklet (participant handout)
  • Exercise sheets (participant handout)
  • PowerPoint slides: to deliver the education component
  • Marketing templates
  • ​Ongoing implementation advice & support and annual data analysis


The ESCAPE-pain for knee/hip training is accredited by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).Trained ESCAPE-pain facilitators that are members this professional body are eligible for 8 CPD points. CIMSPA has temporarily accredited the virtual training during this covid-19 social distancing period. 


Training fees and schedule:

ESCAPE-pain for knees/hips: facilitator training fees

Clinicians and Exercise professionals from existing sites (sites delivering either ESCAPE-pain programme: for knees/hips and/or for backs).

Clinicians and Exercise professionals from new sites (i.e. sites not delivering either ESCAPE-pain programme).

Public sector/not for profit organisations in the UK 


(£200 facilitator training delivered virtually*)


(£300 for facilitator training delivered virtually*)

Commercial organisations (worldwide) and not for profit organisations outside of the UK

£350 £500

*The courses are typically delivered in person, however we are delivering them virtually while social distancing measures are still in place. Some of the ticket prices differ slightly for facilitator training delivered virtually (as shown above).


ESCAPE-pain for backs: If facilitators have already completed the training course for ESCAPE-pain (for knees/hips) they are eligible to attend the half-day training course for ESCAPE-pain for backs. All other participants must attend the full-day course. Find out more about ESCAPE-pain for backs training here.



Facilitator training course dates 

Month Date Location  Course availability Registration links
MAY 2022


Delivered virtually*

Places available

24/05 registration link

JUNE 2022



Delivered virtually*

Delivered virtually*

Places available

Places available

07/06 registration link

21/06 registration link

JULY 2022



Delivered virtually*

Delivered virtually*

Places available

Places available

12/07 registration link

26/07 registration link


If you should have any questions regarding the training course in general, or your eligibilty to attend please email us at escape-pain@oruk.org for more information.



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