Enabling Self-management and Coping
with Arthritic Pain using Exercise

Personal stories


It's important for us to share and celebrate how the programme is helping people take control of their low back pain, self-manage their condition, and return to more physically active lives. See below on how ESCAPE-pain for backs participants are changing their lives. 


Remember to use the #ESCAPEpain_forbacks and #LiveBetterDoMore hashtags when tweeting or sharing any feedback.


If you have any stories to share and would like to tell us about your experience of the ESCAPE-pain for backs programme, please email us at: hello@escape-pain.org



  • Feedback from ESCAPE-pain participants who attended the programme run by Everybody Sport & Recreation in Crewe - hear how the programme helped them with their back pain.




Case Study:

Read the below case study to learn how the ESCAPE-pain for backs programme impacted Peter's life. Please click on the case study to see a larger format.


Image of a case study from Peter, an ESCAPE-pain for backs participant.


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