Enabling Self-management
and Coping with Arthritic Pain
using Exercise

Facilitator Training

For clinicians and exercise professionals  

In order to deliver the ESCAPE-pain classes and become ESCAPE-pain facilitators, professionals are required to attend the ESCAPE-pain facilitator training course.           

The flexibility of ESCAPE-pain means it can be delivered in a variety of locations and by a variety of professionals. ESCAPE-pain has been successfully delivered in outpatient physiotherapy departments, leisure centres and local community settings by physiotherapists, osteopaths and exercise professionals.

After completing a training course, facilitators will receive the following class materials:

  • Training Manual (for facilitators)
  • Participant booklet (participant handout)
  • Exercise sheets (participant handout)
  • PowerPoint slides: to deliver the education component
  • Marketing templates.

‚ÄčIn addition, ongoing implementation advice and support is available from the ESCAPE-pain team before and after the training to help you set up the programme in your area. 


Email us at hello@escape-pain.org to find out more about implementing ESCAPE-pain in your organisation. 




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This full day training course covers:

  • The theoretical foundations and evidence-base for ESCAPE-pain (including its clinical and cost effectiveness)
  • The practical skills required to support behaviour change in people to self-manage their OA through developing enhanced motivational interviewing, goal setting, helping people develop action and coping plans, and group facilitation techniques
  • How to set-up and deliver ESCAPE-pain (including optimising referrals, uptake and retention and how to run each session of the programme)
  • Guidance on how to develop and adapt ESCAPE-pain to work within different settings
  • National Policy and overview of ESCAPE-pain, including ESCAPE-pain in the community
  • Overview of MSK, physical activity and osteoarthritis
  • Understanding the psychology of pain
  • Principles of self-management, motivational interviewing, health behaviour change and group facilitation
  • Group exercise management
  • Healthy eating guidance
  • Methods of managing pain
  • Sustaining physical activity and other health behaviours.


The training is open to clinicians and exercise instructors who meet the pre-qualification criteria. 


Pre-qualifications for Clinicians:

Basic clinical knowledge of osteoarthritis and its management are required, including familiarity with delivering education and exercise to patients. 


Pre-qualifications for Exercise Instructors

All of the below must be met in order to attend training: 

  • Level 2/3 gym instructor/personal trainer or equivalent (demonstrating underpinning anatomy and physiology knowledge) 
  • Level 3 exercise referral OR a level 4 qualification 
  • At least 150 hours previous experience of working with specialist populations e.g.  exercise, referral, cardiac, back care, falls etc. 
  • The above will need to be evidenced by sending along copies of relevant qualifications. 

This flow chart can be a helpful visual aid in determining exercise instructor eligibility.   


If you should have any questions regarding the course in general or your eligibility to attend please email us at hello@escape-pain.org for more information.


Please note this is not a train the trainer model. By attending the ESCAPE-pain facilitator training you will be able to deliver the ESCAPE-pain programme, however you will NOT be able to train others to deliver the class.




Watch these videos and read the quotes below, to see what Facilitators are saying about the ESCAPE-pain programme: 



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