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Enabling Self-management and Coping with Arthritic Pain using Exercise.

ESCAPE-pain is a group rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain that integrates educational self-management and coping strategies with an exercise regimen individualised for each participant. It helps people understand their condition, teaches them simple things they can help themselves with, and takes them through a progressive exercise programme so they learn how to cope with pain better.

Hear more about the ESCAPE-pain programme from participants and providers

Latest news & tweets

  • 30 November, 2023: ESCAPE-pain featured in news article for ITV Tonight special: New Knees & Hips: Britain’s Biggest Queue?
  • 26 November, 2023: ESCAPE-pain featured in article: Waiting Well patients: online guidance – North Norfolk District Council.
  • 22 November: ESCAPE-pain blog post: Unlocking Better Health: ESCAPE-pain programme featured in Chief Medical Officer’s annual report.
  • 8 November, 2023: ESCAPE-pain announced Huntingdonshire District Council as ‘Site of the month’ for October, to recognise their commitment to providing excellent community care.
  • 10 November, 2023: ESCAPE-pain mentioned in the Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report for 2023, ‘Health in an Ageing Society’; as a tool to be used in maximising independence and minimising the time in ill health for people in England reaching older age ( 236).
  • 20 October, 2023: Cardiff and Vale University Health Board won the excellence in rehabilitation award at the ‘Advancing Healthcare Awards Cymru 2023’ for their live well service co-delivering psychologically informed, activity-based health behaviour change programmes, like their ESCAPE-pain programme, for people with Long Term Conditions. 
  • 2 October, 2023: Eastern Leisure Centre shortlisted by UK active for the ‘Local and Regional Centre of the Year’ award for their continued work with the NHS on the ESCAPE-pain programme, Cancer Rehab and Exercise Referral Schemes to reduce waiting lists. Read more.
  • 28 September, 2023: ESCAPE-pain announced East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT) as ‘Site of the month’ for September, to recognise the years of hard work and dedication to improving patient care.

We hope our free-to-use ESCAPE-pain Online programme and smartphone app can help people remain active and manage their joint pain. Learn more about our digital support tools.