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ESCAPE-pain app

ESCAPE-pain are in the middle of making some big improvements to our android app, as well as creating a new app suitable for IOS. In the process of doing this, the current app has run in to some problems and has been taken off the app store. The new app should be released in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, the best way for you to access the digital programme from your phone is to use the web app version (called ESCAPE-pain Online) which you can access from our website here and create a new account.

The ESCAPE-pain app is a free resource produced in the NHS by the Health Innovation Network and Salaso Solutions Ltd. It is available on Android smartphones, and tablets. It complements the well-established face-to-face programme that is being delivered in hundreds of sites across the United Kingdom.

The ESCAPE-pain app is intended to be used as a support tool for people who have already attended the face-to-face programme and serves as an aide memoir to enable participants to continue to exercise safely in their homes afterwards. The app also helps people access the programme if they are unable to attend a class or don’t have a class nearby.

The app contains

  • Exercise videos: simple and easy to follow exercise videos with clear instructions. They have been developed to show people how to do exercises safely in their own homes.
  • Educational videos: engaging animations that give simple advice and information to help people learn about how to better manage their condition.
  • Individual progress chart: to track progress and exercise completion to see improvements over time.​

Download the app

To download, search for ‘ESCAPE-pain’ on Google Play.

Please note: The ESCAPE-pain app is a support tool, provided for reference only. It is therefore, not to be used as the sole basis for treatment, prescription and care of your condition and health. It should be used in conjunction with the advice and professional judgment of your GP or other healthcare practitioner.

Some tips on using the app

  • The programme is structured as two sessions per week, over six consecutive weeks. It works best when you complete the first two sessions within the first seven days (week 1) of creating your account. You can only progress to week 2 when a full week has passed since you created your account. For example, if you set up your account on a Monday at 3pm, the next Monday at 3pm is when your second week would begin. You can’t go back a week or forward a week until the seven days has passed.
  • Each session has an education video and a variety of exercises you can do at home. Each exercise has a video with written and spoken instructions. Each video also has a timer and you can enter in the number of repetitions you’ve completed.
  • Only register your account when you are ready to start the programme, as the clock starts ticking for week 1.
  • Complete the pre-questionnaires in full before logging out, as the system might ask you to do them again the next time you log in.