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Unlocking Better Health: ESCAPE-pain programme featured in Chief Medical Officer's annual report

We were delighted to see ESCAPE-pain recognised in the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO)’s annual report, ‘Health in an Ageing Society’, as an example of the type of preventive, community-based initiative that is needed to meet the healthcare challenges of the UK’s ageing population.

A physiotherapists perspective:

During my physiotherapy career I have treated a large number of patients with osteoarthritis (OA) and non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) and have seen the impact these conditions can have on people’s lives – their function, mood and quality of life. As physiotherapists, we know the benefits of exercise for these conditions, and whilst we can provide exercise programmes, sometimes our capacity to follow up with people is limited or we find that patients find it difficult to get started with or stick to an exercise programme. The ESCAPE-pain programme provides an opportunity for physiotherapists to develop individualised exercise regimes and follow patients on a 6-week journey…

Bone and Joint week: MSK equality and mental health

The relationship between mental and musculoskeletal (MSK) health outcomes is often under-appreciated. People with MSK conditions not only face physical challenges, such as fatigue, pain, and disability, but also experience negative impacts on mental health, such as social isolation, and increased risk for depression, and anxiety. People who have persistent pain are four times more likely to experience anxiety or a depressive disorder than those without. Depression and mental distress can be risk factors for developing chronic pain and affect an individual’s ability to manage their MSK condition…

The importance of rehabilitation programmes for people suffering from chronic low back pain

In honour of Back Care Awareness Week, ESCAPE-pain produced a call to action, highlighting the growing need for self-management interventions when dealing with Long Term Conditions like chronic back pain.

Interview with Professor Mike Hurley, founder of ESCAPE-pain

ESCAPE-pain founder, Professor Mike Hurley, reflects on two years of the ESCAPE-pain programme partnering with Orthopaedic Research UK. Prof. Hurley also provides insights on the challenges and adaptations the programme faced during COVID-19 lockdowns, as well as his long-term goals for the initiative.

ESCAPE-pain together: December 2022

On 8 December 2022, clinical commissioners, healthcare providers and representatives from the leisure and community sectors across the UK, gathered for the virtual ‘ESCAPE-pain together’ conference. The event covered examples of existing programmes, an opportunity to connect with regional professionals and perspectives from the NHS, leisure and non-for-profit partners. Michael Hurley, Clinical Director of ESCAPE-pain acted as MC for the programme’s first online conference since the COVID-19 outbreak.