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ESCAPE-pain for backs class locations

Use the map below to find out where your nearest ESCAPE-pain for backs class is located.

Refer to the map key to understand what the different coloured stars mean on the map.

Map 🔑

BLUE icon indicates a site delivering face-to-face classes.
RED icon indicates a site delivering virtual classes.
GREEN icon indicates a site that plans to start delivering classes.

How to use the map

  • On the top right of the map, click on this symbol. ⛶
  • The map should now have opened larger in a new page.
  • On the left side of the page click on the search/magnifying glass symbol. 🔎
  • Type in your postcode and press enter, then click on the ‘move to map’ address that comes up.
  • Use the +/- symbols in the bottom left of the map to zoom in/ out, so you can see the nearest class to you​.
  • Click on the star icon nearest your location and the information on that site will pop up in the left hand column.
  • Click and hold while moving your cursor to change your view of the map.

Once you have located a class you are interested in attending, we advise that you call the department/ organisation that is running the class and ask what their referral pathway is. Some locations will allow you to self-refer, while others will require that you are referred in through your GP.

Alternatively, you can email us on and share your postcode and we will provide you with the ESCAPE-pain for backs classes being delivered nearest your location.

If you are looking for ESCAPE-pain for knee and hip classes, please view this site map.