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Support tools

We have developed some digital support tools to help you continue exercising safely in your home. The digital tools are free resources produced in the NHS by the Health Innovation Network and Salaso Solutions Ltd.

These tools were originally designed as an aide memoir for ESCAPE-pain participants to use after they had completed the face-to-face programme, however, we feel these tools may be of benefit to a much wider audience of people living with knee or hip pain who have not previously attended a face-to-face class.

We hope our free-to-use ESCAPE-pain Online programme and smartphone app can help people remain active and manage their joint pain.

  • If you have any concerns about exercising please speak to your GP.
  • We would also highly recommend reading our ‘exercise top tips‘ before beginning to exercise to ensure that you are safe and steady and not at risk of falling.
  • We would encourage reading through our guidance on using the ESCAPE-pain support tools to help you decide which of these tools is best suited to your needs.

1. ESCAPE-pain Online

ESCAPE-pain Online is the web-based version of the ESCAPE-pain app. It can be viewed on a range of mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets) but is best viewed on a computer. It is especially helpful for people who would prefer to view the programme on a larger screen or who don’t have access to a smart phone.


For more detailed information and to register, visit the ESCAPE-pain Online page on our website.

2. ESCAPE-pain app

The ESCAPE-pain app is available on Android smartphones and tablets. Just search ESCAPE-pain on Google Play.

The ESCAPE-pain app had a previous ORCHA score of 73%. ORCHA is the trusted source for health app advice. It helps consumers and NHS Professionals to find safe, secure and clinically assured apps.

For more detailed information, visit the ESCAPE-pain app page on our website.

Both digital tools 1 and 2 replicate the twelve sessions of the face-to-face programme. Both tools require users to register and then follow a fixed 6-week programme with 2 sessions each week, using exercise and educational videos, and measuring the user’s ability at the start and end so they can see their progress.

3. ESCAPE-pain exercise and educational videos

We have made the exercise and educational videos freely available so that people don’t need to create an account to view them or for those who don’t want to follow a structured programme (such as with ESCAPE-pain Online and the app) and just want a reminder of how to do an exercise.

  • The exercise videos are designed so that the exercises can be done in a home setting using everyday household items like chairs or steps. They are simple and easy to follow with audio instructions. You don’t have to do them all, choose a few you find easy, then add or drop exercises as you want.
  • The educational videos can be viewed at any time to learn more about your joint pain.

All the support tools are provided for reference only. They are not to be used as the sole basis for treatment, prescription and care of your condition and health. They should be used in conjunction with the advice and professional judgment of your GP or other healthcare practitioner.

For further information, please email