Enabling Self-management
and Coping with Arthritic Pain
using Exercise

Class locations

ESCAPE-pain is currently running in 230 sites. Classes are run in a variety of locations from hospital physiotherapy departments to leisure centres and gyms, from church halls to community centres.

‚ÄčWe update this map once weekly so if you can't find a site near you today keep checking here for newer updates.

How to use the map:

1. Using the zoom buttons on the bottom left of the map, navigate to your local area/town and zoom in to see what sites and organisations are delivering the ESCAPE-pain programme nearest to you.

  • If you would prefer to search by postcode or town/city name you can click on the square in the top right hand corner of the map and this allows you to view a larger map.
  • On the larger map you can type in your postcode/town/city and this will automatically zoom into that area for you.

2. Each icon on the map represents one site:

  • green map icon means the site is ACTIVE
  • blue map icon means the site is STARTING SOON - the planned start date is listed too.

3. Click on the icon to find the site details including name, address, postcode and how you can join the programme.

4. Each site will have their own process of how you can join the programme.

This is called the referral pathway. Some sites have provided us with more information but generally there are three types of referrals:

  • clinical referrals only - this normally means that you need to be referred into the class by either a GP, Physiotherapist or Consultant.
  • self-referrals only - this normally means that you can request to join a class without needing to see a GP, Physiotherapist or Consultant first, however the facilitator may still need to asses that you are eligible to attend before confirming your place on the programme.
  • clinical referrals and self-referrals

...we always recommend ringing the site directly to find out more about how you can join the class and its eligibility criteria.

5. Once you know what type of referral your local site accepts you will then know if you can sign-up to the class on your own (self-referral), or if you require a GP/Physiotherapy referral into the class (clinical referral).  

Any questions at all please contact our team on hello@escape-pain.org

Web page last reviewed: 04 October 2019

Web page last updated: 04 October 2019