Enabling Self-management
and Coping with Arthritic Pain
using Exercise

Personal Stories

It's important for us to share and celebrate how the programme is helping people take control of their joint pain, self-manage their condition, and return to more physically active lives. See below how ESCAPE-pain participants are changing their lives. 



Remember to use the #LiveBetterDoMore hashtag when tweeting or sharing any participant feedback. We'd love to hear more from you so if you have any stories to share and would like to tell us about your experience of the ESCAPE-pain programme or app email us at: hello@escape-pain.org. 



  • 4 March 2020 - 'ESCAPE-pain gives Crewe resident her smile back' - read about Gail Brereton's experience of the ESCAPE-pain programme and how it helped her improve her quality of life.
  • 18 July 2019 - 'Holmes Chapel pensioner transforms her life with ESCAPE-pain class' - read how Joan Allard transformed her quality of life in the Knutsford Guardian
  • 7 June 2019 - 'Harrogate arthritis sufferer hails 'active' scheme' - hear Jill Quinn talk to Stray FM about her experience of the programme and how it has turned her life around.



  • Chris was diagnosed with arthritis in his hip. Hear him talk about his journey through the ESCAPE-pain programme run by Wiltshire Health and Care.



  • Regina attended the ESCAPE-pain programme run by Mytime Active. Hear how the programme helped her gain her independence back and enabled her to become physically active again - going from relying on a wheelchair to joining a Zumba class.



  • Gillian attended the ESCAPE-pain programme run by Mytime Active. Hear how the programme helped her realise she could help herself and how she took control of her condition using the self-management tips and tools she learnt whilst on the six-week programme.



  • Thousands of people have completed the ESCAPE-pain programme. Hear from past participants about how the programme has helped their pain.



  • Better Care for Osteoarthritis - see what participants from Everybody Sport & Recreation Limited, one of our leisure sector providers, are saying about their experiences of the programme.



  • More feedback from ESCAPE-pain participants who attended the programme run by Everybody Sport & Recreation in Crewe - hear how the programme helped them with their joint pain.



  • NHS Trust first in the country to translate ‘ESCAPE-pain’ chronic joint pain programme into Gujarati. Physiotherapist’s at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust have successfully translated a rehabilitation programme for patients with chronic knee and hip pain into Gujarati for the first time.



Case Studies 


Here are some examples of people who have completed the ESCAPE-pain programme and how it has impacted on their lives. Please click on each case study to see a larger format.



Recent tweets 


Kathryn Creech @kathryn_creech Mar 11: New cohort for their first session on the @escape_pain . Today we had Doug who is one of our champions. Doug attended the ESCAPE-Pain and @refreshbwd referral programme. #inspiringothers @ELHT_AHPs @RichBrowntown @amylougreeno

Everybody Leisure @EBLeisure Mar 9: Read all about Gail's amazing journey on @escape_pain, and how exercise has changed her life https://bit.ly/39CMECm @HINSouthLondon

Jacquelyn @Jacquelyn1967 Mar 5: Loved my 6 week Escape pain at @STSFTrust with Physio Ryan. Miss going but still keeping up with some of the exercises! Favourite quote from Ryan #motionislotion which is really true with osteoarthritis. I would recommend it to anyone! X

Andrew Bennett @andypbennett79 Mar 4: Fantastic to hear positive feedback re the @escape_pain hip and knee groups being newly delivered in our @SuttonHandC @epsom_sthelier community MSK service, especially the development of informal social networks and patient advocates #musculoskeletal

Sam Norman @sjanorman Feb 24: Thanks to @escape_pain for helping individuals to manage their arthritis while they wait and in some cases delay or even remove the need for surgery #osteoarthritis #exercise #PositiveVibes

Everybody Leisure @EBLeisure Jan 28: Just half way through the ESCAPE-pain programme and our members have made incredible changes to their lives, they share: More confidence to build walking up, walking further, halved pain medication & no longer using a stick!  http://everybody.org.uk/what-we-offer/get-fit-and-healthy/health/specialist-rehabilitation-exercise-classes/escape-pain/ @escape_pain @NHSECCCG


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