Enabling Self-management and Coping
with Arthritic Pain using Exercise

Educational videos 

(from the ESCAPE-pain app for knees and hips)

These educational videos were developed for the ESCAPE-pain digital tools, the app and ESCAPE-pain Online (our web-based app). The digital tools are free resources produced in the NHS by the Health Innovation Network and Salaso Solutions Ltd. The digital tools replicate the face-to-face ESCAPE-pain for knees/hips programme. 

If you don’t wish to follow a structured programme, you can view these videos at any time to learn more about your joint pain. They give simple advice and information to help people learn about how to better manage their condition

Just click on each video to get started. If you want to view the video in full screen mode, click on the bottom right hand corner of each video where you can see a small square.

For more information on managing your joint pain please visit the Useful links: Joint Pain page on our website.

Please contact hello@escape-pain.org with any questions.

Getting Started & Benefits of Exercise

Goal Setting and Action Plans



Heat & Ice

Managing Mood

Managing Flare Ups

Ongoing Exercise








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